Save Open Space! (unless there’s a profit to be made), says Co-op.

Next to the Co-operative Funeralcare in Rugby is Oakfield Recreation Ground, an Amenity Open Space. The ground is now under threat, as the current owner, the Co-op, is trying to gain outline planning permission to build 60 dwellings on the site [1], despite huge opposition from the residents of Rugby.

In contrast, the Co-op alleges that they back the Open Space Charity – Groundwork. On their website, they say “Saving outdoor space – Because the likelihood of children visiting any green space, as well as the countryside, has halved in a generation.” [2]

Groundwork is one of three charity partners that members of the public are invited to vote on for this year’s shortlist. “Your chosen cause will have the whole weight of The Co-operative fighting behind it, with colleagues, members, customers and of course our Charity Partner all working together to make a real difference.” [3]

Michael O’Meara from Save Oakfield Group said “If only we had the same backing from the Co-op to save our local Amenity Green Space, the health and well-being of a future generation would be preserved.


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  1. D Mitchell
    D Mitchell says:

    Unbelievable hypocrisy by the Co-op. The CEO should be seriously embarrassed. Like to see him explain this to the press and his shareholders.


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