Save Oakfield proudly presents…

…our new movie, where we test out the Co-op’s Open Space Report, and look for the five alternative outdoor sports facilities.

Without wishing to give the game away, we struggled! Let us know if you have any better luck.

Why have we made this short movie?

Oakfield Recreation Ground in Rugby is a well-used community outdoor space. It is under threat from the owner, the Heart of England Co-op, who is trying to gain planning permission to develop 60 dwellings.

As part of their planning application, the Co-op has produced an Open Space Report that suggests five alternative outdoor sports facilities in the local vicinity (despite being outside of the designated walking distance).

Not only are these sites private properties with no public access, remarkably one is a local cemetery!

Please support our campaign to save Oakfield, and share this movie. We need to keep this vital green space for future generations.