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Having seen much of the press coverage last week about the Oakfield Recreation Ground, no one actually seems to have managed to get a formal statement from the Co-op as to why it feels compelled to fence off the park.

A Rugby Borough Council press release suggested that it is to do with the Co-op’s inability to provide public liability insurance or upkeep on the site. The Council leader Michael Stokes has publicly said that these costs are being covered by the Council whilst it has the rolling tenancy.

So in the interests of fair play, and to give the Co-op the benefit of doubt, are they actually planning to fence off the site as soon as the Council has vacated the ground, and if so, what are the real reasons for this action? The people of New Bilton deserve to know.

In about a week’s time everyone is going to be preoccupied with the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, so whilst Oakfield is a small matter at National level it is very emotive at local level. In deference to this, the Save Oakfield group has produced a ballot paper to make it easy for the Co-op to respond on the matter of Oakfield’s future.

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