Open Space, Playing Pitch and Sports Facilities Study 2015.

RBC has now released the new study documents on Open Spaces & Playing Pitches Strategy. These have now been sent to the Co-Ops planning agents (PJ Planning) who have been waiting for them.

This will enable them to make their formal response to the objections raised in the planning application to the loss of the Open Space and Playing Pitch at Oakfield. This is the final matter they need to reply to.

Once the response is received RBC ought to seek further public consultation which is when we will all have our chance to respond. After that, the matter will proceed to the RBC Planning Committee for voting. Given the times involved, we would now anticipate this being February or March next year.

The Save Oakfield Group is currently evaluating these new documents. There’s 491 pages to trawl through, so this will take a little while. We’ll also be evaluating the Co-ops response when it’s forthcoming.

If you want to view these for yourself, they can be downloaded from…

Look out for further updates.

The Heart of England Co-operative Society is closing its store in Chapel Street

Image source: Rugby Advertiser

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