Oakfield Recreation Ground – now an Asset of Community value

Oakfield Recreation Ground is now officially recognised as an Asset of Community value under the Localism Act 2011. With the application having been made in January we received notification that the application had been successful less than three weeks later. The status of ACV is granted when the principal use of the asset furthers the community’s social well-being or social interests (including cultural, sporting and recreational interests) and is likely to do so in the future.

This means that should the land owner decide to dispose of the land then the Council must be informed and, in turn, the Council must inform the person or organisation responsible for nominating the asset. Should they express an interest to buy the land, a ‘moratorium’ period of six months must be allowed to give the organisation an opportunity to arrange a bid.

It is worth noting that once a piece of land has been granted the Asset of Community Value status, the land owners have a right under section 92 of the Localism Act to ask for a review of the Council’s decision to place the property on the List of Assets. Should the Heart of England Co-op ask for such a review and request that the land is removed from the list, we’ll be sure to let you know.

It is also worth noting that at the time of writing, Heart of England Co-op are yet to submit an application for planning.

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