Feedback on the Planning Application (so far).

Today (17 July) we arranged to view the case file to see the response so far. It has been very encouraging to see that there is a lot of support against the development, not only from the local community (thank you!), but also from councillors and various specialist consultee groups.

It seems to back our own thoughts that the application contains misleading and ill-considered statements.

So far this is what we have:

Historic England – Objection
RBC Environment & Waste Services – Some points on issues, requiring additional information.
RBC Green Spaces – Objection
RBC Housing and Property – items of concern
RBC Parks & Grounds – Objection
RBC Sports Development – Objection
RBC Tree Officer – Objection
Severn Trent Water – No objection, subject to condition
Sport England – Objection
Warwickshire County Council Archaeological Information and Advice – Potential archaeological impact
Warwickshire County Council Ecological Services – Objection
Warwickshire County Council Highways – No objection, subject to condition
Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service – No objection, subject to condition
Warwickshire Police – No objection, but a number of design considerations
Western Power – two existing distribution substations to consider
Local MP Mark Pawsey – Objection
Local councillors – Objection

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