As you may have already heard, the Co-op has finally responded to all of your objections raised against their proposed development of Oakfield Rec by submitting alternative plans and a NEW Open Space Report.

KEY CHANGES:  • 50 houses reduced from 60  •  New Multi-use Games Area

The Co-op’s original Open Space Report was riddled with errors, like the suggestion that Croop Hill Cemetery could be used as an alternative outdoor sports facility. The new report has some equally shocking and bizarre statements!

Oakfield needs your support more than ever!

Please object to this greedy scheme with one final letter to RBC Planning before Tuesday February 2nd.

You can download our newsletter with further information here.

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  1. ann
    ann says:

    Experts say children and adults need more exercise, how can we get that if our play areas are being sold off for monetary gain….

  2. kieran tapp
    kieran tapp says:

    Its ridiculous that ground has been there for many years and alot of people use it either for football,cricket,running,training etc. To build houses will only make traffic congestion worse and as traffic in rugby is rubbish at best of times this is not a good idea at all. Please people lets fight this and save our park.


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