A sad day for Oakfield.

It has been a sad day today. The Co-op has followed through on their threat and forced the Council to vacate the park just in time for the summer holidays.

Earlier this morning a Council team broke the morning silence with heavy machinery as they cut through the steelwork to remove the children’s play equipment. There were some sad faces, awash with a sense of disbelief that the organisation with the ‘heart of the community’ tag line could be so cold and disingenuous to the residents of New Bilton.

Having spectacularly lost their fourth attempt at gaining planning permission to develop Oakfield Rec, could anyone truly believe that the Co-op would seek to punish the local children and deprive them of their outdoor play area. For no good reason at all. In fact, no comment, despite being asked to engage with the community and enter into meaningful discussions with the Council over the park’s future.

Save Oakfield campaigner Richard Joy said “Many of the children going to school were visibly upset at the sight of the park being removed this morning. I was talking to my sobbing daughter about it this evening. She’s confused and doesn’t understand why she had an area to play on yesterday, but can’t play outside today.  I tried to explain to her that the Co-op want to build houses on it because that will make them a lot of money, but she asked “don’t they like children?”. I replied saying “I am sure they don’t dislike children” to which she replied “but they like money more?”.
It’s sometimes hard to argue with the logic of a child.”

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  1. Jayne McGowan
    Jayne McGowan says:

    There are no words to describe what the Co op has done, apart from that they have behaved like a spoilt child who could not have there own way. Shame on you

  2. Jackie Saxby
    Jackie Saxby says:

    I feel very sad that it has come to this and that the co op won’t discuss selling this land to the council. I will not be shopping in their stores or using any of their services in the future. Shame on them.

  3. Joe Heckels
    Joe Heckels says:

    I notice that the field was completely fenced off earlier today but this evening one panel has been removed adjacent to the south east style. Now I ask, has a right of way been established (by persistent usage) between Bilton Road and Lawford Road. Interesting thought.


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